About the Owners of ThirstyCat Fountains - Handmade Water Fountains for Cats

 Jackie & Keith are the founders and owners of Thirstycat Fountains and they both play vital roles within the workings of the operation while Jennifer, Joyce and Jordan are invaluable contributors to the entire operation.


Keith oversees all shop operations, throws pots, creates many of the designs and attends to all the behind-the-scene requirements integral to a pottery/copper works studio, works with quality control and manages marketing,

We began making cat water fountains in 2009, but didn’t know then that that is what they would be. Keith was making indoor fountains and putting them around the house. He saw Bijou drinking from one on the patio one day and realized that we almost never saw him use his water bowl. A light bulb came on, so to speak. Keith went to the computer and typed in ‘cat fountains’ and was astonished to discover over 6 million entries pop up. We learned that feline hydration is a major problem because cats crave moving water, so many don’t drink enough. We also saw that nearly all available fountains were of plastic, caused chin acne and most were quite unattractive.

We realized the need for a high quality, food safe, attractive cat water fountain and Thirstycat Fountains was born. We opened our first shop on Etsy, Feb. 21, 2010 and now list the majority of our fountains here on our website. We thank you for visiting and taking the trouble to learn a little about us. To see our fountains, go here.

Also involved in operations are the invaluable Joyce, Lee and Jennifer, jewels, each in their own manner.

We believe most people would be astonished to find how complex an organization dedicated to making cat fountains can be. For a little more insight into this, you might want to visit our Studio page.