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Flat-Faced Cats’ Drinking Fountain Designs

cat drinking fountain

Flat Faced (smushed faced) Cats’ Drinking Fountain Designs There are several breeds of flat-faced cats popular in the US and they all face a specific though hardly overwhelming challenge when drinking. Flat Faced Cat Breeds Flat-faced cats need a particular design of drinking fountain that will keep their whiskers dry and prevent them from crimping. […]

Fountain Designs & Their Water Sounds

  ThirstyCats makes a lot of different designs and they all produce different qualities and volumes of water sounds.   Some can be adjusted to be completely silent while others have considerable sound and there is every level between.   Further, different designs are suitable to different physical and temperamental characteristics of your cats. Here […]

What To Look For In A Cat Water Fountain

Although the fundamentals of cat water fountains are all pretty much same – the fountains deliver water in one fashion or another, through some sort of filtration and re-circulation system – there yet remain important differences among them, in terms of what the fountains are made of, the quality and longevity of their filtration systems, […]

Selecting a Thirstycats Fountain For Friends and Family

It often happens that someone purchases a Thirstycats Fountain for their own cats (and themselves) and later wish to give one to family members or friends, which is great. We generally know without having to think much about it what we want for ourselves in a cat fountain, but when giving to someone else there […]