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How to Choose a Cat Water Fountain

There are several important factors to consider when choosing a cat water fountain In order to ensure your cats, and you, are exceedingly happy with it. One set of these factors has to do with the physical and temperamental nature of your cats, the other has to do with your preferences and your home. For example some […]

Cat Fountain – How Often Do We Need To Change The Water?

change cat water

How Often Do We Need To Change The Water In A Cat Fountain? Interestingly, this question is asked both by cat fountain owners and people thinking of buying their first cat fountain. People who don’t have a cat fountain want to know what the commitment is going to be, and people who have one want […]

Flat-Faced Cats’ Drinking Fountain Designs

cat drinking fountain

Flat Faced (smushed faced) Cats’ Drinking Fountain Designs There are several breeds of flat-faced cats popular in the US and they all face a specific though hardly overwhelming challenge when drinking. Flat Faced Cat Breeds Flat-faced cats need a particular design of drinking fountain that will keep their whiskers dry and prevent them from crimping. […]

Your Cat Won’t Drink Water

People sometimes come to us because their cat won’t drink water and they want to know what to do. As we have more than a decade of dealing with this issue we certainly can help but before addressing that specifically, first a little background. Sufficient water intake is vital for a cat’s health and inadequate […]