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May-June Thirstycats NEWSLETTER

Thirstycats newsletter for May-June is now published, covering a new and rare breed, the Ojos Azules (Spanish for ‘blue eyes’), as well as an article on the benefits of living with a cat, an amusing pitch for the adoption of a ‘horrible’ cat and several other interesting and useful articles. You can read them all here. If […]

Overweight Cats

Many cat owners suffer the ambivalence of a guilty conscience from over-feeding their cats and fear their cats will stop being affectionate if they withhold the treats. We like to reward our cats. We want to make them happy and treats definitely do that. Also, according to John Bradshaw, in his book Cat Sense, the […]

Cats’ Acute Senses and the Holiday Season

I was watching our cat, Bijou, walking through our snow covered back yard, on a hunt. Out where the lawn transitions into the wild I saw him stop and look about 3 feet to his left, intently. He turned, leaped nearly straight up into the air and came crashing down, penetrating the several inches of […]

Cats’ Colors & Personality Traits

Although most of us are attracted to and fond of most cats, we are also, most of us,  influenced by a cat’s color. Pure white cats are often associated with being prissy and  aloof while black cats evoke suspicion and even fear. Orange cats are thought to be  friendly. Alhough each of these, and many […]

Wild Cats

 The many cat owners (pet parents) who dress up their cats are either unaware of the true nature of their feline companions, are attempting to modify that nature or are in denial. Cat behaviorists such as Mieshelle Nagelschneider and Jackson Galaxy and cat specialists such as Kate Benjamin and Desmond Morris frequently stress that our […]