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Best Cat Fountains

best cat fountains

Best Cat Fountains What does ‘Best’ mean as in, the best cat fountain or the best pet fountain? According to Merrium-Webster ‘Best’ means “excelling all others”. Given that definition its pretty remarkable how many cat fountain sellers proclaim that theirs is the best, or “here are the 8 best” or “the 25 best.”  When you […]

How Do Cat Water Fountains Work and are Electric Cat Water Fountains Safe?

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How Do Cat Water Fountains Work And Are They Safe? Two questions that frequently arise concerning cat water fountains are; How do cat fountains work?  And, Are electric cat water fountains safe? This article, along with the accompanying videos, answers both these questions. Fountain Pumps Almost all cat water fountains contain a submersible aquarium pump, […]

Pairing Cat Fountain Center Pieces and Bowls

cat fountains

There are several components to every cat fountain, the most obvious of which are the center pieces or ‘pump covers’ and the fountain bowls. How those are combined – that is, which bowl gets what center piece, is the subject of this article. There are several factors that must be taken into consideration when matching […]

Two New Glazes

THIRSTYCATS NEW GLAZES Introducing two new glazes. The cat fountain on top shows a beautiful, rich purple speckled with silver and has magenta under tones and which we are currently calling Almandine. The second we are calling Plum which is magenta with lavender undertones. We make our glazes from raw minerals which gives us the ability […]