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Best Cat Fountains

best cat fountains

Best Cat Fountains What does ‘Best’ mean as in, the best cat fountain or the best pet fountain? According to Merrium-Webster ‘Best’ means “excelling all others”. Given that definition its pretty remarkable how many cat fountain sellers proclaim that theirs is the best, or “here are the 8 best” or “the 25 best.”  When you […]

Tired of Cleaning Slime From Your Plastic Pet Fountain?

Cleaning A Slimy Plastic Pet Fountain The technical term for the slime that inevitably builds up in plastic pet fountains is biofilm. It comes from your pets’ mouth and tongue which contain bacteria that adhere to the surfaces of vessels they drink or eat from. Thorough cleaning with hot, soapy water will get rid of […]

Cat Fountain – How Often Do We Need To Change The Water?

change cat water

How Often Do We Need To Change The Water In A Cat Fountain? Interestingly, this question is asked both by cat fountain owners and people thinking of buying their first cat fountain. People who don’t have a cat fountain want to know what the commitment is going to be, and people who have one want […]

Why Bottled or Purified Water May Not Be A Healthy Choice for Cats

cats water

Is Bottled Or Purified Water Best For Our Cats? We naturally think that by providing our cats with the purest water possible we are doing the very best possible thing in helping our cats to stay healthy. That is, healthful water = healthy cats. The premise is sound – if we can keep the water […]