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Cat Water Fountains Without Filters

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Cat Water Fountains Without Filters Many people ask about running their cat fountains without filters. Before addressing the use of cat fountains without filters, an explanation of the filters cat water fountains use is in order. Virtually every brand of cat water fountain comes with filtration devices. There is both mechanical filtration and chemical filtration. […]

Why Are Pet Fountains So Expensive?

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Why Are Pet Fountains So Expensive? First, let’s distinguish between the manufactured kind , which comprise over 95% of the pet fountains available, and the handmade kind. To our knowledge there is only one company dedicated solely to the creation of handmade cat fountains and pet fountains and that is ThirstyCat Fountains, author of this […]

Are Cat Fountains Worth It?

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Are Cat Fountains Worth It? The answer to this may depend upon what you mean by ‘worth it’. If you mean – do they contribute to your cats’ health, then yes, they are worth it. If you ask, are they economical, are they time saving or are they an investment you won’t regret, the answer […]

Flat-Faced Cats’ Drinking Fountain Designs

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Flat Faced (smushed faced) Cats’ Drinking Fountain Designs There are several breeds of flat-faced cats popular in the US and they all face a specific though hardly overwhelming challenge when drinking. Flat Faced Cat Breeds Flat-faced cats need a particular design of drinking fountain that will keep their whiskers dry and prevent them from crimping. […]