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Best Cat Fountains

best cat fountains

Best Cat Fountains What does ‘Best’ mean as in, the best cat fountain or the best pet fountain? According to Merrium-Webster ‘Best’ means “excelling all others”. Given that definition its pretty remarkable how many cat fountain sellers proclaim that theirs is the best, or “here are the 8 best” or “the 25 best.”  When you […]

Tired of Cleaning Slime From Your Plastic Pet Fountain?

Cleaning A Slimy Plastic Pet Fountain The technical term for the slime that inevitably builds up in plastic pet fountains is biofilm. It comes from your pets’ mouth and tongue which contain bacteria that adhere to the surfaces of vessels they drink or eat from. Thorough cleaning with hot, soapy water will get rid of […]

Why Are Pet Fountains So Expensive?

best cat fountains

Why Are Pet Fountains So Expensive? First, let’s distinguish between the manufactured kind , which comprise over 95% of the pet fountains available, and the handmade kind. To our knowledge there is only one company dedicated solely to the creation of handmade cat fountains and pet fountains and that is ThirstyCat Fountains, author of this […]

How To Evaluate Any Cat Fountain

There are several criteria by which it is useful to evaluate any cat fountain you are considering purchasing. Below is a list of several of the more important. At the bottom of the page is a link to reviews and videos of some of the better known brands of cat fountains. Food Safeness (this has […]