30-D Copper Cat Tap Add-On




This is the same copper used in the plumbing of up-scale homes. Not only is it safe, it is a known antimicrobial and is beneficial. Highlight this link and right click to select open: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antimicrobial_properties_of_copper

Please note that the Cat Tap is handmade and the solder used is silver solder containing no lead.

WATCH THE VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXRoO1aZWBs

Cut on a 30 degree angle and soldered with silver, lead-free solder, the flow spout angles upward, creating a broad arch of water for easy access, with a gentle flow and no splash-out, shown here on medium and low. The 30 D can be taller than the other taps and still not splash.

Most of the bubble-up design fountains can take this Cat Tap but aren’t sold with one in order to keep the fountain price down. It simply fits over the pump nozzle and can be swapped in or out with the traditional copper spout that comes with most fountains. Read the fountain listing descriptions to see if they can take this Cat Tap.

Please note that though all the Cat Taps and the Waterleaf attach firmly to the pump and are quite secure, they can be knocked over by a determined soul so if you have a rambunctious cat who likes to play with his water these may not be a wise choice.

Each is handmade to fit a particular fountain so some will be higher and or longer and others lower and or shorter. I make sure enough room is left between the flow and the bowl edge so there is no splash when your cats are drinking. The cost is not so much because of the materials as the time and work involved in their making.

Please allow an extra day or two for shipping as these are made to order and are very demanding to make.

Great for cats who really like to drink from a falling stream of water (like a faucet). The flow level can be adjusted at the pump which does not involve more electricity simply allowing more water into the pump.

Important Features:
– Copper is an antimicrobial, meaning it actually inhibits bacteria and viruses
– Is the preferred material for delivering drinking water and is approved by virtually every building code on the books
– One of a kind, handmade in America