Cat Drinking Fountain “April Spout” – REDUCED

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A beautifully glazed cat drinking fountain showing mostly cream with drifts of bright gold – both serene and rich.

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Cat drinking fountain glazed in April Blue. A bubble up fountain. This fountain does not have the copper spout and does not take any of the cat tap. Reduced due to a small extrusion on the inner rim – something clay does sometimes. Has no effect. See the last image.

* 3.5 inches high and 9.25 inches in diameter.
* 7 cup capacity

Can be adapted for overseas use. Click here to select an overseas pump.

Everything is included. Simply fill with water and plug in. SEE THIS PAGE FOR DETAILS.

Each cat drinking fountain is handmade of the highest quality stoneware, one at a time and each is one of a kind. We make our own glazes from raw, pure minerals so we know exactly and how much of what is in them and can insure that they are food safe. Food safe is not simply a matter of containing no lead. If too much of any colorant is used or if any of the several toxic colorants are used the piece will not be food safe. We restrict the percentage of only non-toxic colorants to standards established by scientist potters from data derived from their extensive testing for food safeness. If a ceramicist doesn’t know what is in his glazes he has no way of knowing if they are food safe. We guarantee our cat drinking fountains to be completely food-safe. In addition they are extremely easy to clean, as many of the reviews testify to.

At ThirstyCats we do not simply make cat drinking fountains – we attempt to make functional art. Simply making a functional ceramic pet fountain would for us not be worth the effort and making a beautiful ceramic pet fountain that does not work very well wouldn’t be either. We strive to be the gold standard of cat drinking fountains and stand behind our products more than 100%.