Cat Drinking Fountain Outdoor/Indoor “Antique Zen”


A large capacity fountain good for faucet loving cats and the multi pet household.

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An absolutely beautiful cat drinking fountain in a Zen design in our Antique Copper glaze. Delivers a smooth, robust stream you can turn up or down. Your cats can drink from the stream and the bowl. This fountain has a grounded, three prong plug for outdoor or indoor use.

This fountains does not take any of the Cat Taps, the Serenity Flow or the copper Waterleaf.

* 4.5 inches high and 12 inches in diameter.
* 10 cup capacity

Can be adapted for overseas use. Click here to select an overseas pump.

Everything is included. Simply fill with water and plug in. SEE THIS PAGE FOR DETAILS.

All our cat drinking fountains are handmade of the highest quality stoneware, one at a time and are one of a kind. We make our own glazes from raw, pure minerals so we know exactly and how much of what is in them and can insure that they are food safe. Food safe is not simply a matter of containing no lead. If too much of any colorant is used or if any of the several toxic colorants are used the piece will not be food safe. If a ceramicist doesn’t know what is in his glazes he has no way of knowing if they are food safe. We guarantee our cat drinking fountains to be completely food-safe. In addition they are extremely easy to clean, as many of the reviews state.