Home Decor Fountains

Please note that most of the fountains found in the Home Decor Fountains category are also listed in another category, such as Stream Fountains or Sculpture Fountains. This is so people searching specifically for fountains for home decor can more easily find suitable fountains.

We create a wide range of decorative indoor water features and ornamental home decor fountains many of which are good for cats too, just as all the fountains listed as cat fountains are excellent for home decor. The bowls for these fountains are made from wheel-thrown stoneware and glazed in our own glazes Рglazes we make from scratch so we know exactly and how much of what is in them. These fountains often contain copper work and some have enameled copper pieces Рglass fused to copper at about 1500 degrees F. Each water feature fountain is handmade and is one-of-a-kind. These are not mass produced in China but are made in our studio by either Keith or Lee, Jennifer or Jackie. They are generally more expensive than our cat water fountains because much more time goes into their creation. The copper work is usually created by annealing the copper Рheating it to cherry red Р then forming by hand and with a chasing hammer and sometimes this process is repeated to get the most pleasing forms. Parts, such as the leaves are soldered on with silver solder, after which every piece is refined and polished to create an integrated, wholesome indoor water feature to bring beauty to your home and pleasure to you.

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