Tall Bubble-up cat Fountains

Our tall bubble-up cat fountains are simpler than our stream fountains but usually more complex than our lower bubble-up fountains unless extensive ornamentation has been done to the low bubble-ups. Basically, what constitutes a tall bubble up is that it is higher than a dome (low bubble-up) but does not have any sort of formation like a leaf or flower, so does not provide a stream of water. The tall bubble-up cat fountains are very good for long hair cats as they can access the water without bending low and getting their fur wet. We create these in a variety of forms – our ‘Watertable’ designs which include our Pagoda fountains, our single watertable, our ‘Spring’ designs and geysers and other designs which have the water rising up over the center piece and simply trickling into the fountain below without creating a stream. These fountains are normally very quiet so not for those wanting water sounds.

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