What Makes The Ultimate Cat Water Fountain?

The Quality That Only Thirstycat Fountains Provides.


Thirstycats Fountians are the Only certifiably food-safe ceramic cat fountains because only Thirstycats makes each fountain completely by hand from 100% food safe materials. Every fountain bowl is wheel thrown from high-fire stoneware (ceramic) and each center piece is hand-thrown and hand-built. We make our own glazes from raw materials which means we control exactly and how much of which minerals go into each one, ensuring that we use no toxic minerals and not too much of any mineral or colorant.




No matter the quality of your cat fountains, if your cats don’t take to them they are useless. Cats love Thirstycat fountains, as so many reviews so enthusiastically state. And if for whatever reason your cat doesn’t take to a particular fountain we can give you tips for ensuring she does, or, you can return it for a full refund.

Veterinarians Recommend Cat Fountains


Easy to Clean – the Best Filtration System

As so many of our customer have stated in their unsolicited and unedited reviews, there is no cat fountain on the planet as easy to clean as a Thirstycat Fountain. Warm soapy water and a sponge for 3 or 4 minutes is all it takes. Our foam pre-filter which has a lifetime of two years and comes with every fountain prevents cat hair and any debris from entering the pump – thus keeping it clean. We offer activated carbon filters for those who need them for a very nominal cost and they last six months as opposed to the two weeks of commercial fountains.


Last a Lifetime

Again, as so many reviews state – you can go through a lot of other fountains in short order but a Thirstycat fountain lasts a lifetime.



Is there any other fountain out there that compares to a Thirstycat fountain in sheer beauty?

Cusomer Support

We could have used any of dozens of other example reviews for this and the reviews above so we encourage you to read through them to get a better sense of what it is we offer and how we serve our customers. We create the ultimate in cat water fountains, and as you will read, it is our customers who say so.

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Go here for assistance in choosing a Thirstycat cat water fountain and to hear the different sounds they provide.