Health for Your Cats – Beauty for Your Home

We offer what are considered by many to be the safest, highest quality and most attractive cat drinking fountains worldwide. They are 100% food-safe and as pleasurable to have in your home as they are effective and healthful cat fountains. What makes them food safe? Only thirstycats creates everything from scratch, including our own glazes so we know exactly and how much of what goes into them. Please check out the reviews

If you are not very familiar with fountains here is a video on HOW OUR FOUNTAINS WORK.

Many of the health issues to which cats are subject come from not drinking enough water. Cats are hard-wired to seek moving water because in nature that is what is safest and this is why so many vets now recommend giving your cat a cat drinking fountain.

Yes, they are costly compared to the mass produced, unsafe manufactured fountains but what they save you in vet bills more than offsets the price. Each Thirstycat fountain is handmade, one at a time, one-of-a-kind and should last a lifetime. If the pump goes, and they normally last many years, they are easily replaced, as numerous reviews state.

And unlike other cat drinking fountains, ours are truly easy to clean, as so many of our customers have testified to in their reviews.