Cat Fountain “Fluted Piazza”


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Cat Fountain in a piazza design glazed in Lavender Blue. Water bubbles up into the Piazza bowl and trickles over the edge. Your cats can drink from the upper basin, the trickles and the bowl. Excellent for cats wanting to keep their fur dry. Note that there are a couple of places in the Piazza bowl where the underglaze of Cream shows through. Not a problem and not unattractive.

This fountain does not take any of the Cat Taps, the Serenity Flow or the copper Waterleaf.

* 3.75 inches high and 11 inches in diameter.
* 7 cup capacity

Can be adapted for overseas use. Click here to select an overseas pump.

Everything is included. Simply fill with water and plug in. SEE THIS PAGE FOR DETAILS.



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